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Languages Essays

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Peer Correction in Teaching Writing Skills

How can peer correction help EFL learners reduce mistakes in their written compositions? Writing skill which includes language, private knowledge and…

Influences of the Norwegian Language

The Norwegian language is in relation to the majority of the world’s languages a medium-sized language. Most people are probably wondering whether…

Summary of the Somali Language

The place where scientist believe all humans came from is now inhabited by Middle Eastern and North African descends, Somalia. Somalia is a country…

Dimensions of Word Meaning

We will identify the difference between denotation and reference. There are many different ideas that the meaning of a word reflects reality or express…

Analysis of Modality in Language

Identifying specific kinds of modality in language, special in English. Help learner to have the general picture in language.

Similes in Literature and Daily Life

The assignment aims at exemplifying, analyzing and describing the character and function of the art of simile in works. It focuses on the occurrence of…

Development of Language from Rituals

To what extent has language evolved from complex rituals? Is ritualistic behaviour a necessary step in the development of complex language?

Structure and Features of the Arabic Language

This chapter give brief description about the relevant basic elements of the Arabic language. This covers Arabic language structure, and the features…

Features of Representational Meaning

Assignment paper focuses on the representational meaning with its scopes and characteristics to help learners well distinguish its types and use it…

Problems of Syntax

The goal of syntactic theory is to model these procedures. In other words, we are trying to figure out what we subconsciously know about the syntax of…

Definition of Reading

Reading is when someone looks into a written text and starts to absorb the information from the written linguistic message. It is a mental process.

Attitudes Towards Accents: The Scouse Accent

This study concerns attitudes towards accent variation; the accent at the centre of this study is the non-standard accent of English, Liverpool English…

The Creole language

The Creole language that will be considered during this essay will be Mauritian Creole. Mauritius is found of the African continent, in the south west of the…

Schema Theory: Usefulness For Language Teaching

As teachers of English, we are constantly attempting to activate schematic knowledge for all skills work, and indeed, any work at all done in class. Within the…

International and global language

During the time, human societies across the world begin to contact with each others. When we travel to different countries we can find many similarities.

Isolationism in Metamorphosis

The common theme in both Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky is isolationism.